Birthday's are fun afterall!

So the last 2 years of birthday parties for Evan and Vienna have felt like they were for me more then them. I mean I am sure that they enjoyed thier past birthday's but really only as much as infants can! But!!!! This year, this year was different! I ahd so much fun doing htis party for Evan. He is officially three and totally into his Dad's Cat brand skidsteer (bobcat) and so we went with that as our theme. The poor kid was so sick the day before and the day of his birthday, but when the decorations starting going up a whole different story. I came home with helium baloons and the eye's lit up! Then kent blew up the rest of the balloons with his air compressor ( men and tools), there was both fear and delight! Streamers and a special hard hat and this kid was over the moon! Evan was so good when each of the cousins arrived and gave them their party favour with great pride!

But it only got better there was a CAT cake that i didn't have to make!! My Mom did an amazing job at making this cat cake for evana nd if you could have seen Evan's face! He was so so so happy! he really hasn't wanted to eat anything else but cat cake since! Thanks Mom!!!

Anyways at the end of present opening anf cake and everything i felt like i had done him good! it is so much more fun when they get it! Happy birthday Evan!! I love you!


nicole said...

It is so true the older they get the funner the times! I still love the party favor idea..

Katie Kates said...

That sounds like a fabulous birthday party! I think it's hilarious that Evan is so obsessed wth the "cat" already. What's even funnier is the fishing (right or wrong?) magazine as a bedtime story. Very cute!

Perfect Match said...

It really was a great birthday. Thanks to everyone who helped out and spoiled our Little Man rotten.