Clingy clingy!

So Evan and Vienna have been getting clingier by the minute. Do they actually know that this baby is goign to take up time and are so in countering trying to take all of Kent and I's time now?! Who know's what is in thier darling minds. It's been sweet at times to have them want us so much and it has been very trying at times!! Evan begs literally with arms wrapped around whatever body part is closest for us (mostly kent becasue he goes places) not to leave. Vienna on the other hand is in tears at the sight of a PICTURe of her daddy these days! They must love us so much to cling as tight as they do.


Perfect Match said...

Clingy is an understatement. Great picture.

Conor said...

Hey Sis!

That has got to be fun to have two wonderful kids that love you and Kent so much! Thanks for blogging, I really think it's great!