"I do it myself!"

Evan is turning into my very big boy! Everything these days is "I do it myself" I have been enjoying this new found self assurance that he has. Evan has a very independent spirit and always has, but now he is really challenging himself. I especially love that he is trying new things, mostly because when he can't do it he admits " I can't do it myself" He says it with such optimism, like he knows that i can for sure help him if he can't succeed. There is something satisfying about knowing that your little 3 year old has the utmost faith in you. Evan is also displaying his big kid self with a very active imagination these days, such as the "big big dinosaur, with big feet" that apperently lives under his bed. I am still trying to figure out how to deal with that one! But none the less the internet assures me that it is a very good sign of his development, so i guess, bring it on!


Katie Kates said...

Usually if you leave a comment on my blog, that means you've added a post to your site. This time I was correct! I'm glad Evan is becoming such a big boy but a little sad too. I know one day all the kids are going to grow up but it's still a weird reality. Maybe he'll be able to change the new baby's diapers?

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

He's so precious! I love that kid!