Time to Change

Apperently it's time to change the kids schedule! Evan and especially Vienna have both been falling asleep on me before i can even get lunch into them! i almost did it today, but as you can see they fell asleep mid eating. I mean don't get me wrong it's nice to have kids that "take care" of themselves, but it messes with my schedule. So I guess since this is the like 7th time they have done this to me i should probably evaluate their nap time. Really my perfect solution would be to have them sleep in in the morning longer, thus puting their nap back on track. Fat Chance!! These two are bound and determined no matter how late they go to bed ( Vienna 2 am last night) to get up at 6 in the very way to early morning. i know I should be use to it by now but it still feels early! If someone could just explain all of that to them that would be great!

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Anonymous said...

You kids were the same. Up a t 6 am and rip rarin' to go!