Vienna is almost old enough to go to nursery!!! And boy is she ready! I can't wait for her to get to use her independence. This little girl of ours is definitely that, amongst other things. Vienna is as we say a bucket of sass!! She is sweet and cuddly and so smart and uses all of that to sometimes give us a pretty good scolding! Vienna's favorites at the moment are "no way!" "stop it!" " let go!" " what?" and " Hey!" with attitude you wouldn't believe!

Luckily she is also sweet and loves to play "get you!" as she says and sing and gives the cutest kisses and hugs. This is our little Vienna outside on the front steps. She can't get enough of the outside these days!


Perfect Match said...

Love to see our cute kids and see that you are back into blogging. Looks great

mumovearls said...

She and Hendrix are both at that age 18 months YIPEE!!! it is a better age than being baptized-(can I say that)
Anyways Congrats on the soon to be freedom at church! She sure is cute!-Nena

nicole said...

That is the one advantage of cora not walking, church is still semi reasonable. Vienna looks so much more petite in this shirt compared to my rolly cora.