7 things about me....

Okay so everyone else that Daria tagged is doing it, so i guess i am jumping off the bridge with the rest of you!

1. I eat candy in even numbers only. I know insane, i am a little OCD about everything in my life and this is aparently no different. kent took a candy out of my hand which left me with three and I think that i yelled something like " don't i have to eat in even numbers" He looked at me with that " you freak" look and well i guess that's when I discovered that i am OCD even when i don't realize.
2. I remeber almost every Phone # I have dialed. Every now again one gets away from me, but usually you can ask me for any number I have dialed and I could tell you off the top of my head. Comes in handy!
3.I don't do My art work as often as I should because of fear. I am totally terrified that one day I will ppick up a pencila nd that i won't be able to draw anymore. Totally panics me!
4. I don't allow Kent's clothes on MY Side of the room. that's right I have a side! Crazy I know and it totally makes kent laugh when he does put something on my side becasue he knows I can't help but let him know what he has just done!!
5. i love leftovers for breakfast. Cold pizza, cream peas, mashed potatoes, are just a few things that fall into that catagory. Although i don't do it mucha nymore, becasue Kent totally thinks it is disgusting!
6. i laugh like a village idiot when i am pregnant. i totally get a different laugh when I am pregnanta nd laugh uncontrolablly for no reason, although Kent would say that i am laughing at myself laughing most of the time. it's true and wierd and it toally freaks Evan out. He tell me to stop it and gets scared! oops!
7. I love to have my ears played with. It's not a fetish or anything but I think it is because my dad use to play with our ears when we layed our heads on his lap in church. Something odd i know.

So that's me, well 7 things about me anyways, reallyt he tip of the iceberg if you know me. But hope you enjoyed the sneak a peak!


Katie Kates said...

Whew Liz! That was a lot I didn't know!

mumovearls said...

I totally love leftovers for breakfast too -ryan thinks it's gross

you need to keep drawing because really if you do stop you will lose it trust me I know!-nena