whirl wind!

So lots of things have happened to bog about and now the question is just where to start!?

I just got a new calling as achievment day leader and I am really looking forward to serving inthis capacity. i think it is one of the best callings to have. i have watched my Mom and Katie ahve this calling and it seemed like fun!

Also i have been sewing up a storm, (pics will be later as we need a new camera!) But I have been making aprons and paint smocks for preK kids and tutu's the cutest ever! and blankets and baby slings etc. I am enjoying so much getting things accomplished! It has been a real boost!

Vienna, Evan and Seger have been growing like crazy!! Seger in particular is Gigantic!! My milk supply actually dropped and the chunk was almost hard done by for a day or two! I am on medication now to up things and Seger is back to eating mass amounts of food! It take s alot to sustain a body mass like that!

More to follow....

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