Halloween is so much fun! The kids are getting older and it's not me just dragging them to the doors and telling them what to say anymore. Evan was a speed demon going from house to house. Vienna did retty good once she got the hang of it. Her little "trick or treat" was so cute! Seger slept the whole time in his little pea pod! There were some parents going on about how cute the three of them were ( I liked it!) and they exclaimed " these ones deserve more candy then the rest of us, they are so cute!" A fun proud Mom moment! No to tame the sugar highs that wil ensue for the next few days! Vienna's a duck, Evan's a tiger, and very proud of his face paint ( not make-up, he insists) and Seger is a pea pod. Not the best photo, but our camera is dying a painful death and so we are lucky to even have the pic at this piont. Somehting we will have to remedy!

P.S. The skunk is thier cousin Talon

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Talon is in this shot too, I didn't get to see him- he does look darling! You'll have to keep that one in the rotation for next year.