not to forget the former post

Not to forget the former post because that still isn't over, but a new challenge has arised in my daily life.

Keeping Seger safe! I left Seger on our ottoman which is huge on his playmat ( he can't roll off I promise) and I left the room. When i came back i found him on the floor on his playmat! Evan and or Vienna had moved him without a peep! Scary! About an hour later Evan came to the bottom of the stairs and yelled up " Mom Seger needs you he's sad" I said sure and I would be there in a minute when i heard Seger very close by, cloder then I had left him. I ran to the top of the stairs to find Evan had carried him and proped him up on the stairs. " Mom he's heavy!" He attempted to pick him up and put him in his bumbo not to long after that! Evan ahs found a new playmate and Seger doesn't know it.


mumovearls said...

You know some how that 3rd child seems to survive. Beckham did the boys did the same thing I basically had to hide him to let him sleep, Some how Segar will survive this and grow to be relatively normal...:) Love you guys and I miss you we need to make a trip!-n

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

This, I believe is what they call 'poetic justice' - Seger is lucky he made it to 3 months !
Conor was a mere 5 or 6 DAYS when big sister Elizabeth Anne called to me that he needed me. Naively thinking he could cry for a few seconds, I said I'd be right there. Immediately, though, that drop-in-the-pit-of-your-stomach 'mom' feeling gripped me and Conor's little wimper became an urgent wail as I hurried around the corner. There you were 'helpfully' struggling to bring Conor to me- Being not quite 3 yrs old and not all that tall your inventive solution as to how to carry him was to choke hold his wee little NECK and swing him from side to side to manage each step... the kid is lucky he didn't get Dain Bramage!
Just a little trip down Memory Lane..

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

always a good story! I 've always been very resourceful!