when it rains it pours

So the kids got lots of gravol after thurs/fri throwing up fest. And I am happy to report that they are back to their regular antics! However kent started to throw-up last night and now isn't feeling so good! It seems to be running it's course! I just hope that Seger and I don't get it! I mean really I don't have time to get it!

So on Sat just as we recovered from sick kids, my sister in-laws water broke! Yay! However that also meant that their little guy was joining our troops for the night and next day. he's a great little guy don't get me wrong adn in fact was very well behaved, however when the three kids are all together they are WILD!!! So I had little energy that night. By the time I was done putting The four to bed I was a bit tearful. Evan caught me and said:

Evan: Mommy you sad?
Me: yeah i'm sad kiddo
Evan: Mommy do you still love me? (ouch!)
Me: Of course I love you! I love you very much (hug)
Evan: Mommy your mine... And your Vienna's... and your Seger's.

I love that my Son reminds me that i have a support team, and that i belong to each of them, just like I always tell him that he's my boy when he's sad. the kids brilliant and sweet! Now if he would just go to bed!

In seperate news. Lindsay (my sister in-law) had her baby boy Tommy, ( Thomas Ephraim ) Sat night 7lbs 12 oz i think. Congratulations to them! he is very sweet and will be a special spirit in their home, as he has downsyndrome. This news came as a shock to everyone. We are thankful that he is here safely, but there is alot of adjustments as you can imagine. They are doing so well with it so far, but can use as many prayers as possible I am sure.

Cute moment with evan tonight. he has stars on the front of his pullups that tell you when he has peed. We were changing into them for bedtime tonight when he says "stop, i want to see if they match!" And then he ran to the window and opened the curtain and held them up to the sky. Too cute!

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Katie Kates said...

Evan is the cutest little guy ever! Wow I'm shocked about the downsyndrome. I loved both the girls with downsyndrome in my seminary. Loved them. However I can only imagine how difficult it must be. The other week Conor and I were quite convinced that I was pregnant (only to be quite let down) and I was quite anxious as I had been unwell that month and had taken cough and cold meds (10% alcohol - quite the controversy in our home) and lots of tylenol, etc. And then I started reading this book "Eating 4 Your Baby" and just about died of nervousness. Sheesh. Anyways... I'm pleased that the little guy is in their home. What a wonderful experience that will be!