Death knocking at my door!

Death very literally knocked at my door yesterday! Okay so that's kinda dramatic, but I really did feel like I was going to die!

On wed night we had my Dad come over and help Kent give us all blessings. Seger Vienna and myself were all getting sick. Vienna liked what they did to Seger so much that she tried it too. She put her hands on his head and muttered a few words and then exclaimed " I did it!" Then it was her turn. Then Evan was feeling left out and wanted one too. So Kent gave him a fathers blessing, and it was actually a great one at that. Evan has such a love and understanding of blessings. Then it was my turn and there wasn't any more oil. Kent and my dad went to consecrate(sp) some more and while they did Evan put his arm around me and says "Mommy I'll take care of you, your mine" " Sorry mommy there's no more you don't get one" My sweet boy sympathized that i might not be able to get a blessing and thought that was not fair at all, so he broke it to me gently.

I did however get a blessing and it was great it said I would recover quickly. So I was a little surprised to wake up yesterday feeling like I had been put through the ringer!!! I had a fever all night and was 101 when i got to the doctors. I was wheezing, my throat felt like it was closing up, and I had a migrain. Of course the doctor couldn't do much, but my back is worse then ever as well, and he thought that he would test that for me and so he had me lye down and he put my leg int he air. As I screamed in pain , then he let the leg down and did it to the other side, as I screamed again! Needless to say he hurt me more! I did get some tylenol 3's out of it though which are helping! The Pharmacist which is a long time friend of the family "stan" helped me out with a few things that are making my life heaven compared to how I felt yesterday. Thank goodness for him. I'm on the mend sick wise, and hopefully I get get my back taken care of soon. Thanks for lettingme complain a little bit.


DaddyO said...

Oh, that picture captures it all doesn't it. So sorry things got worse before they got better. Hoping that you are on the road to recovery now.

Tom Earl said...

Love the new look of the blog! We miss you guys!