Me and my gang

I never seem to get many pics of me and my kids, just us together. So I did something about it and these are the results.....

Seger is so mellow and chunky and yet I think he's a sleeper, this expression says it all to me. There is a huge personality in there about to bust out! He's been an angle to have around, he really glues the other two together. I love his sweet smile and the way he just looks like he's in heaven when my hair tickles his face.

Evan my big grown up boy!!! Wow do we ever look a lot alike! Those eyelashes are killer! He reminds me regularily that he is "growing" the other day our conversation went like this...
Evan: papa I'm growing
Me: dad he's trying to tell you he's growing (my Dad has a hard time understanding the kids sometimes)
Papa: you're growing evan!?
Evan: yeah I'm growing just for you!
Evan is our protector. He takes such good care of Vienna and Seger. Well when he's not wrestling or trying to jump over one of them anyways.

Vienna, she can be so sweet and somber like here, however, most of the time she's full of sass and personality. I don't know what we would do without our little sassy cat! Vienna is all girl, with the princess tutu's and baby dolls. But has shown that she can put a good lickin on Evan when she body slammed him the other day. She's a perfect mix for our family.

I love these kids and what a priviledge it is to be their Mom!


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DaddyO said...

Fun set of photos. What a delight they all are. I've got to get some photos of them up on my walls.

Aunt Bunny said...

Great pictures Liz, I would love to meet them