Thank goodness!

So I don't normally try to complain on here, however I think I have earned this one a bit. So back in Nov I got sick for like 6 weeks with a brutal nasal something!! Superbug! I thought I was rid of it and since kent, my Mom, Seger and now Vienna have all gotten sick. A week or so ago I fell down the stairs carrying Seger and toally bruised my tailbone. OUCH! Then I stupidly workout and moved furniture that same week, now my back really really is hurt! I mean just about everything hurts and if it doesn't hurt right in the moment then by the end of the day it's all aching anyways. I am teaching Evan's pre-k at my house this week, and now, now, I am sick AGAIN!! This sucks!

The silver lining however is Vienna is watching TV with me and this scene of a guy daydreaming of Cindy Crawford walking towards him comes on and Vienna says " that's you Mommy!" She thinks I am pretty like a super model (which if you saw me caughing up flem too, you would not think) At least i am pretty to her! My boost of the day when I seriously needed it!


Anonymous said...

And keep in mind that Vienna is a discerning little cookie as well- she doesn't slather on the smiles and compliments for just any-ole'-body either!
Plus, she is RIGHT. I KNOW you were at deaths door when you dropped the kids off to get your back treated and all I could think was "How DOES she do it"? 3 kids and sick and you STILL look like a total Babe!

Anonymous said...

And BTW I'm sorry it says anonymous- its me, Mom, but I cannot figure out what this thingy wants from me! it only accepts "anonymous", anything else it kicks back at me.

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

It doesn't suprise me at all! Liz you are gorgeous, and rival super models and celebrities most days. I'm always amazed by your gorgeous eyes, awesome cheek bones, unique and lovely smile. Not to mention tiny waist and great butt (I can say that since I'm your sis in law) LOL!!

You're the full package baby!!

mumovearls said...

well when I hear someone say Liz I see cindy also! You are so beautiful! Isn't it sweet when kids do that you know it's innocent and pure that's what makes it so good!-nena