things I couldn't live without

This past week there are a few things that i could not, would not, live without. We have been sooo sick all five of us, and now possibly Kent too. I could not of lived without,

My Mom
The nasal irrigator my Mom got me
The humidifier my Mom got me
The throat lozenges my Mom got me
My Mom watching the kids while I sleep
The heat pad that my Mom got me

my supportive husband
And the meals from the relief society!

But overall mostly my Mom. Apparently you don't outgrow needing your Mom when your sick. Thanks Mom for all that you do for me. I love you so much and I am so glad that you care for me and sacrifice for me still. I love you!


mumovearls said...

aww you poor thing I'm so sorry- hope you feel better soon-nena

Katie said...

I couldn't live without my momma either. She's my medical confidante and always the first one I consult with when I don't feel well. She knows the results of all my doctor's appointments, blood tests, etc. She's definitely still Dr. MOM to me and I'm super grateful for that! I hope you are feeling better ASAP! Sounds like everyone's sick.

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Liz what a sweet post about your Mom. She is really an incredible woman and such a loving mother. I look up to her so much and I'm happy that you both have such an awesome relationship, so many moms and daughters would love to be that close!!

Hope you feel better really soon - it's hard to be on your death bed, but especially when you have little kids to care for too. Love you!!

Jenny said...

I hear yah, we had 2 puking kids for 6 days. My day consisited of sitting between the kids with there respective puke bowls playing 'catch'... think i may still need to call for carpet cleaners. My mom came to the rescue one day too, helped me cart my lathargic 3 year old and screaming 14 month old in the bitter cold to the doctors.
We'll have to catch up soon, i am thinking of planning another girls night... but more of a movie night! I love movies and don't get out to them too often!!!
See you tuesday?