Some Evan-isms

A few funny things that Evan has said lately.

I tell Vienna to put her glasses back on. Then Evan pipes up with "I don't need glasses!" I tell him that's right your eye's are perfect. To which he pulls his eye sideways and on a slant and then says "now their broken!"

"I not handsome!! I Evan"

" Mom... I miss you" He says this all day long. Even when he has been sitting with you the whole time! I thin k to him it also means that He loves you.

We were watching So You Think You Can Dance last night and he would NOT go to bed so i let him join me for a bit. On a commercial break he told me that I should practice and then he really wanted me to dance on the show.

And his most classic... Whenever we get upset with him, or act dissappionted he starts saying (usually through welled up eyes and with a frown) " But your my Mom, Your LIz... But your my Mom, your my Liz"


Ranisa said...

He is SO cute!!! I love the name Evan more and more each time I read something cute about him. Every Evan that I have met has dark hair and dark eyes....I worried about having blue eyed blonde again-I don't think the name would fit!

I recommend the gap and JCPenny's for girls slim jeans. I shop the sales at the gap but it is the only brand that is slim enough for Elaine. AND Drew has to wear JCP slims because the gap isn't slim enough. Every time I am in the mall I stop and see if there are any on sale....it just kills me to pay $30.00 for a pair of jeans for one of my kids. Only ever in an emergency.

Ranisa said...

OH I forgot!!! Old Navy too! Do you have any of these stores?

Katie said...

Seger's quilt is even better in person. Who knew that was possible! Love how everything is coming together.

The Taylors said...

What a cute kid, I love how their personalities just grow before our eyes! Make sure you document that in his baby book!