Lizzy Anne now offers!

Hi all! Over the last 2 days many of you were able to view my first Lizzy Anne tutorial. I was so excited to have it available and show it to you all. These first couple of days you got a free sneek peek! If your coming late to the game though you can still get the tutorial from my side bar. It's a flat $1.99 and the knowledge is your forever to keep! Just go through the paypal steps and the PDF file will be e-mailed to the address of your preference! 
This is just so exciting for me to bring the things I do to life. Keep watching for more tutorials and my new pattern in a couple more weeks! Of course as always www.lizzyanne.com is where you can find my 'Spring up' pattern.

A huge thank you to my SL Daria from Boutique Cafe who put together the PDF tutorial for me! You did a great job at making me look good! Thanks for your encouragement and support! Love ya!


Sarah said...

Liz, so awesome that you can use your amazing talents and interest into a business! I think that is so cool. You've definitely got some skills, girl! Also, I was so surprised you remembered my traumatic tooth smashing incident! So funny. Looking like a hockey player is no fun, though! ;)

Anonymous said...

yoo... amazing ))