I have had several requests on a tutorial for the "Lola" quilt flowers. Thanks for liking them so much!! I am working away on a project right now...... always really. But luckily it is a matching throw to Lola's quilt for her big sister and so it'll have the same flowers. I promise whenI get to that stage in a day or two to take pics and do up a tutorial for all of you. Stay tuned..... lots to come! I am working on some exciting projects and have some done already that I am just waiting till the right moment to reveal! If that isn't cryptic enough for you!


Ashley Dawn said...

Those really are beautiful, Liz. I can't wait to see the other masterpieces you create!

Sarah Pead said...

Oh Good! I was hoping you would have a tutorial for those. I absolutely love them!

Kelly O. said...

Hi Liz,
just wondered if you would share your preferred method to basting a quilt? Any tips?
Kelly O.
skotten at distributel dot net