Better late then never!

Easter! I know this post if like a week past due, however the kids were just so darn cute about it all. The day before our actual 'hunt' I took care of my sister's 3 kids. We did a great easter craft! I of course have no pics! But it is still a great idea for anytime in the spring. We took an egg carton and cut them into individual cups. Then the kids help me paint the outside and inside. Put a hole in the bottom and feed a pipecleaner through it, and WA-LA you have a spring flower! We added a second pipe cleaner to the stem looped as leaves. You could make a whole bouquet in no time! While we painted, the kids watched the animated version of the easter story, the crucifiction and ressurection of Christ. They loved it and have been talking about it ever since. Especially Vienna.

A few days before that we did the usual egg dying with Lindsay's little guys.

And so the on Sunday morning I made scotty's nest eggs ( again no pics! Where was I this holiday??) If you don't know of these you must introduce yourself! They are simple and elegant and originally from the Best of Bridge cook books. You get some deli slice ham. Grease a muffin pan. Line each cup with a slice of ham. Crack an egg into each cup in the center of the ham. forms like a basket. Sprinkle a pinch of basil on top of each cup and then sprinkle swiss cheese on top of each one. Bake @ 350 for 15 min or so. Until eggs firm up, cheese is melted, and edges of ham look slightly crisp. They scoop right out, a tight little basket to serve! Oh Yumm!!

So we had those on special easter plates I got on sale last year. Then we did the hunt! Seger was so excited!! More then I thought that he would be. And he didn't even know there was stuff in the eggs yet! Once he did though, those cheeks were as full as he could get them!

Evan and Vienna got lots of little surprises including bells for their bikes and new note books for writing. All in all it was a blast watching them find their basket at the end of the trail. It was so nice too that they talked all day about the real meaning behind the holiday... Christ; and were grasping the fun AND the spiritual side of it all.  

That's our easter in a not so small nutshell!

P.S. more sewing pics coming very soon!

That's a lot of candy in that little mouth!


Lisa said...

What sweet little faces! Glad you had a fun holiday.

Ashley Dawn said...

That sounds great! Those pics are wonderful. I love that recipe. I totally want to try it right now. I love Easter traditions. What a great day!

mumovearls said...

Alright I know I have been a lame-o friend but I have been lurking and reading... I love all the quilts you have been making! You are so amazing!
Lets plan a time for you guy to come down this summer I can't wait to see those kids!-n