Father's Day 2011

Father's Day is a great day! We so enjoyed having so much time with Kent. The kids and I woke up early to make eggs benedict (a family tradition) for breakfast before going to church. Felix was asleep when we got back home, but I still took a pic of Kent and the other three. And Kent was nice enough to take a few shots of me too.
Kent is this incredible Dad. I often admire his patience, or his calm with the kids. He loves them so well, and balances me out, in the parent department with ease. Kent is fun! He is always greeted with hugs the second he hits the door, and often begged not to go! The other thing is this man gets up more in the night with the kids then I do! What a blessing. I adore this man, the father of our children. I think he's super handsome too! Thanks for making beautiful kids with me Babe. They sure are spectacular little people.
Then we headed over to my Dad's place with his gift from my Mom. A new bike. He loves it as you can tell!
Isn't my Mom Cute?! Aren't they even cuter together?! (My Mom just got her bike this month too)
This is my Dad's racing game face! I love that my Dad does everything whole heartedly!
And of course the kids wanted to ride a little too. Here are my kiddos in action! P.S. Seger has not stopped wearing this jacket except to be washed (against his wishes) since APRIL! He calls it his soccer jacket and even wears it to bed some nights. He's a little attached!
Before we left my folks house, my brother and his clan showed up. What a treat! My Brother is an amazing father too, and loves his Five kids. I only managed to capture the oldest and the youngest, and their good looking Mom too!


Katie said...

Awesome shots of Mom and Dad! I woud love some copies!

Sounds like a great Fathers' Day.

And Lola is so dang cute! I love her scrunchy eye smiles!

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

It was so much fun to see you yesterday, even though it was quick! Love all these shots Liz, you're awesome. Thanks for taking a few of my crew too - I love them!

Stacey said...

Your Mom looks incredible! She looks like a peer over a Mom with adult kids and grandbabies to boot!

leah jane said...

Elizabeth, you are just so beautiful! I have always thought that. And your family is pretty adorable too.

Alanna said...

I don't think I ever hear about eggs benedict without thinking of you. Did you know that? I remember you talking about them as your favorite back in grade 3, I think.
Anyway, love this pics, especially your parents on their bikes... that's awesome! Strange to think that back in grade 3 they were where we are now, eh?