It's babies like these - Calgary Baby Photographer

Oh this scrumptious bit of heaven is what fills all those baby yurns. Little Oliver has the most creamy skin! He's so handsome! More then I love this little boy though, I love watching his parents more then anything. Ashley and Mike, it is so neat watching you two support one another and meet Oliver's needs. This is why I love taking pictures of maternity, birth stories, and newborns. I love witnessing this process of new life, and really this gift we have to experience this in our lives. I hope I never stop seeing this magic.


Katie said...

Oh he is so sweet! Totally cute!

Great shots Liz. I feel like with each baby you photograph, the photos feel different. I don't know how you do it! You're amazing!

janetina said...

Thanks for these fabulous photos of this little dream come true!! Oliver is such a sweet blessing and the three of them are so fun to watch!!

Kristy Kay said...

Very nice Liz! Always love your creamy fresh newborn pics.

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Oh he is just scrumptious!! Love these shots Liz, you capture babies and new families so perfectly. Such a gift!

Ashley and Mike - I can't wait to meet Oliver in person!!