Art and not so much art.

This is Seger this past summer in his studly glasses! Isn't he handsome? Even if he is sucking back pure sugar! Yeah well don't let him fool you....This little boy is big trouble!! Seger isn't wearing his glasses in todays picture because he twisted folded and bent his studly glasses yesterday, until they were completely mangled!! This was not cool abstract art!
I should have taken a picture, but was too MAD! He spent the afternoon, yes the entire afternoon in his room! I took them to the store to get them bent into some wearable shape, but they are barely that. Oh and we have family pics today!! This is killing me! We can't get new ones until next week. This kid costs a fortune!

However Vienna IS a budding artist! I am loving all the creative spelling she is doing. She made me a surprise last night while I was out getting haircuts for the boys.
I feel so special!
Loving these two munchkins who are currently playing together with great imagination. At least Seger was remorseful and well, who am I kidding, I can never stay mad at that kid. Yesterday he was cuter then ever too. We picked up my Dad from the airport and Seger was non-stop comedy the whole way home! He did not stop talking, and had the funniest things to say, oh and only to my Dad. Seger has never talked so much in his life!


Katie said...

Bummer about the glasses.

Anonymous said...

mom said
okay i'm gone- what? 3-4 days and suddenly Vienna is practically writing sentences? Crazy!
Her little letters for you are adorable.
Sorry Seger's such a menace ;) Good thing he's so stinkin' cute!

Alanna said...

Oh I'm so sorry about the glasses! They DO make kids cute for a reason, you know. Very impressed with Vienna's work... especially Hello Kitty! That girl's going places!