Yours and Mine - Mine and Yours

So being the photographer sometimes has a down fall. My kids unfortunately get last place sometimes. It was beautiful the day I did the school desk pics. However time and energy did not alot for my own children. And then shortly thereafter the weather turned and the fall colours faded quickly. SO my good friend Sharla, who also needed her children (Well I may have forced the NEED part) volunteered her home. She has a great blank front room! So off to Sharla's we went. There was curling of hair (my appliance broke that day), bribing of children, clothing changes, coaxing, wiping fake smiles off of kids faces, and lots of giggles and jumping! I am so glad we did this!! It's a different look, but that makes it kinda fun too. It reminds of these pics my family had done when I was Vienna's age, and that's special to me. Here are my BEAUTIFUL children, and Sharla's good looking crew too!
P.S. Look out for this one!!! Isn't she stunning!!! Julian you are in for a world of worry when this girl hits dating age! Just gotta say, super model!


Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Liz these shoots turned out so awesome, who cares that they are indoors I LOVE them. You have a the cutest bunch of kiddos! I'm dying to get some of these done of my kids too - that little desk is just too irresistible. :)

I can't believe how much Juliane and Sharla's kids have grown. They are so cute, great captures!!

Katie said...

I'm panicking. I can't breath. WHY are your children growing up so quickly???? I can't stand it! And they are TOO CUTE! So glad you posted these. Just this weekend I was thinking it had been too long since I last saw photos of your children. You have such a talent.

pescbrico said...

It's always a joy visiting your blog each time I see a new post! You put sunshine in my day everytime! Thanks for sharing your talent with us! Have a wonderful day.

mumovearls said...

Great Pictures Liz!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Evan looks like he's 8 or 10 in the serious one, not 6. Vienna is pure gorgeousness, and I love Seger's blase' pose- the kid is such a character. And Felix's is perfect too- perpetual motion. LOve IT!
Great shots of Sharla and Julian's kids too. Cute little redheads for sure.

Nathan said...

Sweet Shots Liz.