Wife - Calgary Photographer

I think that every woman NEEDS to do this now! So often as Mom's we don't get any pictures of ourselves. Just us, ones that we like. Ones that will let us remember that we look pretty good when we were having our kids. I am going to do my pics for a date night. Kent and I are going to take pictures of one another and I can't wait to see how my husband captures me. I am available for a solo, or couple shoot anytime. Make it your date night. have pics to show your kids how in love you were when they were little. Or pre kids if your still thinking about delving into the Mommy gig. Joelle's husband just wanted a hot picture of his wife to put in his wallet! How sweet and romantic! Here is your peek Joelle enjoy!


Devynn said...

Those turned out great!

Dorienne said...

Great idea. I know that there are hardly any pictures of me because I manage to hide behind the camera! Better turn that around soon!

Anonymous said...

Mom said:
What a sweet husband! And a terrific, original idea.