Mummies and Monkey's, oh my!

I am getting more into halloween as each year passes. I've never been a huge decorator of this holiday, and maybe never will. But today I did see a few ideas that really appealed! A candy corn motif and some painted pumpkins found HERE. What I am more excited about is my kids costumes!! I am really encouraging, since last year and forever more, that imagination and homemade is the way to go! They give me the idea and we'll work to accomplish it! With that..... Here is this years Cranmer crew.Evan is a Mummie. A sad one in these pictures, or did that come off as creepy? Evan wanted to be scary for halloween. These were taken after being woken up from falling asleepon the couch after school. Poor kid, I forced him to try the costume I worked all day on! It looks Easy but the pants had to have the bandages hand sewn on so that he can still go pee, if needs be! Vienna is a Bird! She was able to reuse her self designed body suit from her Fancy Nancy costume last year, as well as feather boa! Hip hooray!
Seger is a construction worker. The overalls are a pair of snow pants we had for Evan And the tools from the toy room! Easy peasy, and super cute!
Felix is a monkey courtesy of my Mom. Isn't he sweet! All the grand babies from this last batch in the fam. are being monkeys together. FUN!


Anonymous said...

Adorable!!! Great idea to use home made costumes... so creative... love the pics!

Anonymous said...

Never will there be a more emotive mummy, more theatrical, spectacularly beautiful bird, more charming and spunky contractor, nor a sweeter, melt your heart mini monkey...
Well Done Elizabeth! Well Done!

Anonymous said...

your best year yet! LOve LoVe every single one. Well done. I sooo gotta have you take my halloween pics mine are always soo awkward. Love yours.

love nicole

Stacey said...

All your kids look so cute but I am smitten with Vienna's bird costume! Her feather tutu is AWESOME! I love her flapping around. It is just so fun! Also fun, Evan's facial expressions while trying on his costume. I think every mother can relate to that!