Fridays, well some fridays, are becoming my favorite day. Vienna only has kindergarten on Fridays a couple times a month. So, when she's home, these three play famously!! I am so enjoying watching Felix join the ranks of siblings. Vienna doesn't want to leave Felix alone, in a loving way, and she won't leave Seger alone in a pestering way; but Seger forgives easily. Seger is best little buds with Felix, he putters along with him. Really Seger is best buds with anyone. The kid is just loveable! Fridays are happy! Fridays are fun.


mdstone said...

your kids are so lucky to a mom who is so good at photography....they are going to have the best wedding slide shows ever!

Anonymous said...

big grins over here just basking in the cuteness.
Nothing sweeter than sibling love. Glad you make the time to capture it Elizabeth.

Katie said...

Woah!! Felix is getting too grown-up! He's so cute.

The Pratts said...

I haven't seen pictures of your kiddos forever! Felix is so big! And I didn't know Seger has glasses. Love the pic of him and Vienna making kissy faces. I still picture Seger with his chubby feet that couldn't fit into shoes, and now he's all thinned out and getting so big!