going going ...gone

I am slowly going crazy, 1-2-3-4-5-6- switch crazy going slowly am I 6-5-4-3-2-1- switch!

Oh I think that I might just literally lose my mind this week. I know that those close to me are probably concerned with the level of stress that they see so evidently oozing from me. Mostly because that is probably just the stuff that they know I couldn't hold in and that there is actually a huge pile of it hidden behind what I like to think is my organized, put together exterior. Scary I know. (what that I think I have an organized exterior? or that I have more stress?) Anywho! I do think that I am going insane. My children don't listen to me. A common complaint I know. However mixed with whatever deadly stress lies within, this is driving me to mental imbalance. I really could not recall, and I tried, a single word that came out of my mouth that was responded to with any sort of obedience today, and not only that but was met with great resistance. I am trying to be super Mom, but I find myself sitting in front of cryptonite. My powers are failing me!!

I do know that this is just a phase. At least that is what I tell myslef 20 times a day. I luckily have such a great husband that is trying when he is able to give me breathers and back me up. And Heavenly Father. I know he is there. I think I just need to humble myself a little bit more and turn this one over to him. Because this, this feels bigger then me right now. Any other Mom's going through this, any brilliant advice? Nena you had a fourth! You must know something?!


Myca said...

Liz I feel your pain....just hang in there. I know you are an amazing mom....I am sure (at least I really hope too) that this is jut a phase!

DaddyO said...

Hey, Liz - you're doing just great with the kids. From where I'm sitting, the kids are turning out fantastic.

Jenny said...

I sympathize completley and i only have 2.... I use to be a little too vocal about how life with small kids isn't always easy... then i got pegged as the girl who couldn't handle her kids so i shut my mouth. But i am glad someone out there has a hard time everyonce in a while( and is willing to admit it)!! You can do it honey!! Girls nights out help too!! Hint hint!! Hehe