I WON!!!!!!!

I won I won I won!!!!!

Okay so it wasn't the really big prize. That amazing quilt!! But I still won! There were 3,132 entries and only 5 names drawn by "mr" random generator thingy, and Apparently it loves me! I was so lucky! And really I had a horrible night with the kids last night . Hardly any sleep and really needed a pick me up today, and this definitely worked!!!! So thank you to Dana from Old Red Barn Co. for doing the draw in the first place! Talk about generous and fun and just such a lovely idea! I can't wait to try out my great products from there fun site! The kids stuff looks neat but I might just have to put my gift certificate all towards myself! I'll let you know what I get!


Katie said...

definitely put it towards yourself.

Vicki said...

Congratulations! I'm a little jealous, but I firmly believe things work out as they should. And you were meant to have a win today! Take care of yourself, and as a mother of two grown boys - yes, they do grow up, even when somedays you can't believe it will happen. Stay loving and firm, and always follow through with what you tell them. :-) and hugs!

mumovearls said...

Ok I'm so excited about you winning!