My new Banner!

This is my new amazing banner by Nena a dear friend of "This is Life". It's too perfect! I love the personality of it and it's so perfectly vintage, which i am in love with these days! Classic and wonderful! I am so glad that finally someone helped me with imporving my blog and making it look more ... me. Thankyou for taking the time Nena. i so appreciate it!!! The other's banners turned out great too, you are so talented!


Katie said...

It's so cute!

mumovearls said...

you are too Sweet!
I love your blog it looks awesome! I spent so much time just staring at your blog trying to come up with something boy and girl and perfect! This was the answer!
I'm so glad you love it -enjoy my friend-Nena

Anonymous said...

Mom Said:
Nice Work Nena! It is utterly charming.
And thanks Liz, for switching to the white background to help out these aging eyes.

Dana said...

Nice banner. So graphic.

A glance at my world said...

I love the banner! :)