Recent favorites!

Evan puddle jumping. A bit blurry but I liked the action.

A somber Seger. I swear he is the happiest little smiley baby, but I seemed to only post serious ones today. i love how fat he is!!! He's 20lbs now.

Vienna just has that glow

Seger looking very picturesque

Evan my bright little light! This kid has such a tender loving heart and is totally rough and tumble all in one!

This is Vienna and cousin Cora. This is from our weekend in Lethbridge. Love the shot!

And another.

Seger fell asleep in his highchair for the first time. had to capture it. He totally drooled his food all out his mouth!


Katie said...

Fun photos!

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Lovin' those kiddos!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures of the children Liz...they are growing up so fast...and just get cuter by the minute. Seger has the most kissable little cheeks I have seen in some time, and lips to match. It's so nice to see the cousins living so close that they get lots of play time together, it's almost like having another sibling.
Evan is growing into such a little man....sure to be there for his momma when she needs him.
Thanks for posting the new pictures and keeping us up to date on the children.

Anonymous said...

Mom said:
Cute shots of every one. You are so right about Evan's disposition.
The one of Cora & Vienna looks like a Gap ad- nice work!