let there be light!

So I am now convinced that the interior of this house is going to be pretty darn close to our dream home! We have just picked out our interior lights and I have to say I am so jazzed! They are a thing of beauty and appererantly my family thinks alike becasue nathan and Daria's new light are similar and my Mom wants to copy one of ours in her house! The fmaily that lights together stays together. Anyways here is a link to the series. We'll have various lights from the picks throughout the house suiting to the space and room. Hope you like! http://www.feiss.com/1910/F20836GBZ-Chandeliers.html
P.S. tried to add it as a proper link and I don't know why it's not working properly so I guess just copy and paste!


Anonymous said...

Love the whole collection Liz, I'm sure that when you finish it will truly be a dream house.
Keep up the great work...and keep posting.
Auntie Anne

Katie said...

Very hip. Your house sounds like it's going to be gorgeous! I bet you're off the walls excited.

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Beautiful, and man you have good taste!! LOL! So much like ours. Actually I saw these at the shop we bought ours at and they are gorgeous. So excited for you.

Not only do we have similar taste in lighting but you named your post about it the same as me. Next you'll be dressing like me!! ROTFL - not.
Love you so much,

Anonymous said...

liz go on the family site.. Aunt Margaret is asking for opinions on her lighting for her foyer.. pictures are posted.. nio