Thank Heavens!

Yesterday, was a growing day! I thankfully have a very helpful Mom who took my kids graciously for several hours yesterday. I went for lunch with my two closest friends (Nicole and Mary) I am so grateful to have friends that can see me for who i am, know me almost better then i know myself and and can tell me anything. I had a great opportunity to grow! Sometimes, i can't help but just be flabberghasted by the way my Heavenly Father takes care of me. I have so much work to do on myself but I am thankful to be doing it in such great company. Friends is where it is at!

P.S. Kent Mary and I watched "I am legend" last night with Will Smith (Actually a perfect movie for yesterday) . Two things one the movie was so scary and cool! i was totally jumping out of my seat! Creepy in a good way! And two, Will Smith is so freakily ripped in this movie!!! his wife must of been in awwww. Holy cow! Oh and Will Smith can we just say he has come along way since the days of fresh Prince! okay more then two thing..... I also loved that the movie was this whole journey in discovering that there is a purpose and your not alone. Go rent it!

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Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

I'm so happy you were able to get out Liz and have a little girl time. There's nothing better than dishin' with the girls and laughing (or crying) together.

You're such a superstar and have so much on your plate right now. But, I'm utterly impressed with all you're doing and with such style too! Hang in there hun, and know that I'm always here for you too.

It's nice to hear the smile in your post!