Catching up with the bunch!

So yeah, sorry for the absence! We have been up to first days of school for Evan (kindergarten) and Vienna (preschool) And I have been busy on that quilt and doing some photography. Made a batch of homemade SPICY salsa,
OH and I had a little more oral surgery done. I now have an implant ( that isn't a tooth I discovered, it's metal put into your bone... fun.) and will get my tooth in, in three months of healing. So all I want for christmas is One Front Tooth!
The day after my procedure Seger had a day operation on his "boys" he needed them brought down due to a double hernia. So rough day yesterday, but he's almost back to normal aside from the surgery sight.
Oh and in there we went camping as a family for the first time with a bunch of really great friends and some family. It was so great!! We had fun and went through a corn maze and had a blast! SO here are a splatter of pictures to document the various above mentioned. Their not all stunning, but at least we know it happened! ENJOY!


Katie said...

In the last photo it looks like Evan is telling Seger a secret. Very cute! I think you forgot blessing day photos.... you could always just email me some.

Cheryl Arkison said...

You went to Lacombe! We love that maze and usually go there around Thanksgiving.
Here's hoping for that tooth!
PS That Felix is gorgeous!