So things have been interesting around here! I don't have pics, so sorry! But I'll tell you all about it!

Vienna fell flat on her face and her glasses broke open her eyebrow AND somehow caught the bottom of her gash in between the glass and her frame. We pried that open to release the skin and got her eyebrow glues. It's about 3/4 inch long right in the middle of her eyebrow. The doctor though was not that great, and accidentally glued the corner of her eye as well, and then pried it apart. Can we say OUCH!! The glasses are a little warped now too!

Then Vienna cut her own hair!! Lovely! I took her to school that morning. I was so busy getting her hair into pigtails that i hadn't noticed. Well when she was at school I found a clump of hair, and another clump, and another clump, and one more clump ( luckily this last one belong to the cabbage patch doll) Well she did one chop above her chin, another below her chin on the opposite side and another random chunk in the back about shoulder length. So we got Layers!! It really could have been much much worse!! What if she tried to give herself bangs!?? Well her reasoning for this little haircut was that she wanted to have hair like her cousin Cora, who by the way has a chin length Bob, very cute on her! But I love Vienna with Long hair! It'll grow right?.

Seger has had a series of little ouchies and well Evan is just growing up way too fast!! Felix too for that matter! He started to squeel with delight just the other day, and may I say it is adorable!! This baby is just too perfect!

That's us! Oh and me, I survived it all and cleaned my house too! It may have been under duress but I did it and I'm glad I did. Thanks for listening! Pics from more recent shoots to come!! Baby Holly in all of her very own glory and more!


Ashley said...

I think you are wonder woman, honestly. Glad there were no bangs involved on the hair cut.

Anonymous said...

Mom said:
You forgot to add; "And bailed out my Mom to boot".
Thanks Liz. You saved the day, and likely my sanity!

Jane said...

Poor Vienna, I hope her cut heals quickly! She is cute with long hair, but a bob would also be adorable!

I got the package of slings in the mail - THANKS SO MUCH!! They're gorgeous and I can't wait to give them to my friend and her little girl!

I'm wondering if you have instructions for using them? All I know is to copy the photos from the original post about them.

Thanks so much again!


Elizabeth Cranmer said...

Yes Jane, I will make a you -tube movie for you and send it!

Terri said...

Poor baby! Oh, and the DIY haircuts - gotta love those! :)