Calgary- family photography

Prepare yourselves! This is going to be a lot of pictures!!

Cranmer family your first up! Kirk and Lindsay you guys were great to work with. There are SO many good shots to choose from. Here is your sneek peek and the rest will come soon!

Christy if you see this keep scrolling for yours!

Christy, gorgeous pregnant Christy! No one would believe that you are just weeks from delivering your fourth baby!! But the evidence is there with those handsome boys you have! You too have SO many amazing shots to choose from, here is a sneek at the first few.


Sarah said...

I LOVE the one of Christy laying on the bench. What a great idea!!

Christy said...

Thanks Liz... You are amazing! I can't wait to see more!
Oh, and Lindsay's family pic's are so cute! I love the where Tommy is in a head lock... but still smiling! Too cute!

Sherri said...

All these pictures are wonderful! You are one talented lady! Keep up the wonderful work!

pescbrico said...

Ok, here I'm Jalouse of them and sorry I don't leave closer to you!!! You make amazing pictures!! WOW!
Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing! I'm always happy to read your blog :) It's a little treat for me each time :)

Lindsay Cranmer said...

Yay, I love them! Thank-you so much Liz!!