This gets personal!

So, the sad day has come to wean Seger. It's a bitter sweet moment in time for me. i am really in some ways excited to have my body back to myself, i'm excited to be able to wear the rest of my wardrobe, i am even a little bit excited to be flat again (although I am sure that will fade when i look down and just feel pathetic!) But Seger might be my last baby. We don't know yet but if he is, then, this is it. I will never do this again. I know it had to end sometime, but I just guess I was never prepared for the whole having, fedding, providing for your infant thing to end. It's as if in my mind I was going to suckle a baby till I died or something. Ridiculous and depressing I know but the alternative is NEVER again. Seger however is adjusting just fine!!! He's like bring it on! I don't think he cares where it comes from as long as there is lots of it! i even let him hold his own bottle today and feed himself. Freakin out! He's not a baby anymore! Sad.

This is something someone made out of their old bra. Maybe Vienna is getting a new toy! hahaha.


Ranisa said...

I love the fact that you shared about nursing issues! I have been too shy-I'll have one up on Dolly soon and it is driving me nuts. Thanks for being so candid.

Dana said...

Sad times for sure. :(

By the way, thanks for posting such nice things on my blog lately. Trust me though . . . I'm just a normal, mistake-makin' mom. Hardest job in the world.