Where's the Poop?.......I ate it all!

I hear a noise upstairs. it is unmistakably Vienna running around up there. I head up to discover Vienna in Seger's room giggling (he WAS asleep) Vienna know she is caught red handed and explains. "Mom I pooped" Okay that ones legit. "lets go change you, but stay out of Seger's room" (he'll go back to sleep). I pick her up. No diaper!! "Vienna, where is your diaper? where did you poop?" Vienna exclaims " It's all gone I ate it all!" No way! There is no way she ate. I ask again," where is your diaper?" She points " On my drawers" Sure enough to my relief the diaper is "folded" up on top her dresser. i go to fold it properly. NO POOP! just a skid mark. Where is the poop!!! "Vienna where did you put the poop?". She says annoyed " It's all gone i ate it all..... in the toilet" Fianlly an answer I can handle. Sure enough she has smeared poop on the seat so i have proof of where the poop ended up. We had a little chat about pooping and keeping our diapers on!

So do you think it's time to potty train her? I thought that parents were suppose to be the ones to start flushing the poop down the toilet to get the kid used to the idea, not hte other way around. But we are getting some clear signals now! I just am not ready for it yet. i want to wait as long as possible, until she is doing it herself and I can't stop her. Oh wait that is happening!


mumovearls said...

ha! that is so funny, that she said she ate it! your killing me!
ps: I'm excited to have you guys coming of coarse we have room for you and the swim suit is from costco- lots of Love!-n

Jess Larsen said...

I'm so glad you posted this story. It needed to be archived, and I love the picture you found! I wish I could find an easy way to print my blog, so far, I'm thinking I'll just have to "grab" each screen and do it that way?