been a long time!

So we are officially moved!!! it was a long day april 29th but we were able to make it happen with help from all of our family and some friends. So the unpacking is in full force and I have even found some time to finish Vienna's quilt!! So we are that much closer to some unvieling pics of the house. i think I'll do it one room at a time, make it more dramatic! maybe just one room per week even, really create a cliff hanger situation! Anyways Vienna's will be the first to be revealed, hopefully in one more week! It's gonna be gorgeous!!!
In other news my baby boy isn't so baby anymore! Evan had his first soccer game on sat. And despite the disorganization of a U4 soccer league, e managed to score a goal! He was so proud of himself!! I wish you all could have seen him adjusting all of his equipment and grinning from ear to ear running htat ball down the field. It was about half way through the game that he realized that there was an objective and that he was gonna get himself a point no matter what. Towards the end of the game one of the other teams players grabbed Evan around the waist when he was on a roll down the field and it completely brought him to tears. " that kid tried to stop me!!!" poor guy!

More blogs coming your way. i have so many saved up in my mind, now I just have to remember them! Stay tuned!


Ranisa said...

I love the pics of Evan-they are so cute! Can't wait to see the pics of the new house, I really check everyday-you have a great talent or nack for doing that kind of thing...looking forward to it!

DaddyO said...

Nice photos!!! :)