My dear beautiful little Vienna may have to be a dork. I am so sad. i thought that Vienna would be able to wear a cute fashionable pear of glasses, but as it turns out, the optic world has destined my two yr old little petite girl to be a dork! There is nothing out there!!! We have found lots of round glasses, which make her look sad, I know it sounds funny, but you put them on and it's like you just slapped on a frown. Her eyes lose their smile factor. And then i finally found the above glasses in pink and orange. They are cute a little bit bright and SUPER expensive. Like we are talking more then my D&G galsses with nikon lenses! And she'll only wear them for a year maybe two if she doesn't destroy them.
Needless to say I just don't want her to look back at pictures and think, "what did you do to me, Mom?" I don't want people to just see the dorky glasses, I want them to see the beautiful Vienna that i love! I just want her to look like her still! So anyways wish me luck on the hunt to find SOMETHING! I have been to 15 places and I am runningout of options. Vienna your Gorgeous no matter what!

(This is her "happy face" this little girl is never dull!)


Ranisa said...

She is so cute....I am sure that no one will notice the "Dork" glasses, many will even think that they are cute...

I would love to see "Kent" on your page... I am nosey too-in the worst way. I just love to hear and see about other people. I think that is why I love the blog thing. Thanks for the encouragement to do it.

Dana said...

She IS beautiful!

DaddyO said...

Nothing could make her not cute! Don't stress over this one. She'll always be a princess.

Anonymous said...

Mom said:
Hmmm... "Vienna" and "dork" in the same sentence?