Okay so i am loving my new beautiful home, however, and I know there shouldn't be a however but there is. I hate the mudd! We are surrounded by dirt/ mud, oh and it's raining. We are the first house to move in on our block i think and therefore have a long time coming in this stuff. I don't even have a driveway or sidewalk for that matter, just dirt and more dirt! Our landscaping can't go in soon enough. But we have to wait for them to do our final grade first. In the mean time..... the day after we moved in we hadn't put the safety locks on yet and evan let himself and Vienna outside. Evan showed some self control, were as Vienna within seconds was in the biggest sink whole of mud she could find and then lost her shoe and then stepped in it with her sock. This was the result! YAY!


Dana said...

Mud, mud, everywhere! I'm sorry! That stinks for sure!

DaddyO said...

Love that shot of Vienna's shoes. I can just imagine her glee!