Growing up

My little Evan is growing up! I have said it before and I am sure that i will say it a hundred times more. Next week He turns 4! I can hardly believe it. But I have been noticing lately that more and more he is starting to have quite the social life outside of me. Weird. I mean i like that he is independent and that he is not a clingy bug. But it is odd to have my child, need me for o long and now just suddenly be on his own in some respects. He has his soccer team now and his preschool group and church friends. I am so glad that he is showing promise at turning into a well functioning adult one day. I just wish he would cuddle a little more often while he is still little. Here are some pics of his preschool friends, which we adore!! Thanks for being part of the gang!







Lindsay Pratt said...

What? Evan isn't 4 yet? I can't believe how close together your 3 kids are. You're AMAZING!

Ranisa said...

I can't believe that Evan is only going to be 4!!! You brave soul..... For some reason I thought he was 5ish..

Katie said...

Evan and all the ladies...

DaddyO said...

Evan and his harem? You need to inject a little more testosterone into that group.

Stephanie M Larsen said...

They are just tender! I loved preschool this year, I'm working on what little footage I have of these little cuties. I have a bit of Evan in Ky's dress-ups right along with the girls. It's adorable!