Mother's day

So I had a great Mother's day!! Saturday we took my Mom out for Gilato at a new little place we love close by, and exchanged gifts My Mom got me the cutest gum boots. Now I can splash in the puddles with the kids, and now I have my very own weapon of defense against all the mudd outside my door! i can't wait for just the occasion to wear them. I also meant to get Kent to take a picture me dressed up for church but I toally forgot. I had the perfect accessory! Evan had made me a colourful pasta necklace. It looked like the rainbow in giant penne noodles. I actually got a few compliments on it and may just wear it again! Our ward finally got the mother's day gift right! In the past they have done plants and such, which for me really is just one more thing to keep alive! All I want is a treat, choclate actually. Well this year they got it right! Callebeau choclate bars for everyone!! made my day! kent was amazing with the kids all daya nd le tme take the longest nap ever! Whilest he made us dinner. Steak, mashed potatoes, and cesear salad, with Lemon frizzante to drink! I was feeling quite taken care of! All in all it was a wonderful peacful and very enjoyable day. Thanks Babe for making it happen!


Katie said...

I am covetting those gum boots BIG TIME! Great buy Mom!

Aaron and Ariane Mardis said...

I so hear you about the plants.. I always forget to water them.. CHOCOLATE would be so nice.. and the boots are absolutely adorable