The other highly anticipated....

So I am not ready to be doing this totally. But it has been requested to see a bit of my new house. Well here are some of the corners of my home that I love. Bear in mind that I have not finished decorating and that these spaces all have to grow up still. but here is the rough firsts of the Cranmer residence. We love it here! It's very bright and cheerful and suits us to a "T". Enjoy your sneak peek.

This is our kitchen of course. I am loving all the space!! I can't wait to find the perfect thing to accessorize the counters

Our pretty nook. The table bathes in sunlight all through the day.

Kent designed the fireplace. We are in love with the detail!

This is our master bedroom. It's light and ethereal and still int he works. But we love the vaulted ceiling, our bedding, the light!! And all those windows! It's a nice serene space.

This star adorns Seger's wall above his crib.it will grow up to be his vintage cowboy nursery.

This is a vintage ironing board that I found hiding in a corner waiting just for me. This sits under Vienna's bedroom window With the perfect shades of pink and undertone Green paint chipping around the legs. I love this treasure!

This nesting garland hangs above Vienna's closet. we are doing birds/nature/vintage/quilty in her room.

This is a peek into things to become Evan's nautical room. we're collecting and thinking on the perfect placement.

And this is Evan's "hide away" otherwise known as his closet. It's huge! and so he gets to play house in there with his kitchen. He's domesticated!! And it's a great place to hide all his treasures from the younger two.

So there you have it. Some favorite spaces!


Stephanie M Larsen said...

Cuteness!! I'm so glad you posted your fireplace, I keep trying to explain it to people. We started ours, now it's all white and I just have to trim it. YOur an inspiring woman, Elizabeth Cramner! Let's get togther tommorrow, I got your message tonight too late.

Ranisa said...

I love it all! I want to decorate now. I have trouble pulling things together. I love it when you move into a new house and everything is fresh!

Donna said...

It looks so wonderful Liz. You have a real flair for decorating.

Nathan said...

Wow. Amazing. I can't wait to see it. I think we need to hire you as a consultant when we build ours!